corn on the bob

Naturals - Isolates


Isolation from Natural sources is still an important approach; for example Natural 1-Octen-3-ol [NO1000] is isolated from mushrooms, and hence it has the characteristic chirality and impurity profile which makes it more identifiable as mushroom than the synthetic material – it's more "mushroomy", if you will! Dimethyl Sulphide [Methyl sulphide, DMS, ND0600] is obtained by trapping the off-gases from fermentation of sugar cane and then redistilling to purity. This gives it a very clean sweetcorn note; again, this is "cleaner" than synthetic material and orders of magnitude better than the product around in Ye Olden Dayes [well, about 15-20 years ago!] when it was obtained from "Peppermint Heads", the most volatile fraction from Mint Oils; quality control in those far-off days was largely "if it doesn't smell of peppermint, it passes"!